The Showdown of Shopping Holidays: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

The Showdown of Shopping Holidays: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have emerged as two of the most popular days for retail therapy in the United States. Every November, customers await the cascade of sales promotions that signal the start of the holiday shopping season. While some people swear by Black Friday as the best day for deals, others firmly believe Cyber Monday has superior bargains. Let’s explore how these events came into existence, and compare which offers the best deals in 2023.

Black Friday: The Historical Precedent

The concept of Black Friday traces back to 1869 during the U.S. gold market crash, where the term represented a financial crisis. However, its modern significance of big sales sprouted in Philadelphia during the 1960s to refer to the rush and chaos that came the day after Thanksgiving.

Traditionally, brick-and-mortar stores have been the home of Black Friday shopping, although e-commerce has dramatically reshaped its nature. However, regardless of whether shoppers are pressing against store doors or racing to click ‘add to cart’, the objective remains the same—grabbing the best deals.

Cyber Monday: The Digital Counterpart

Emerging as the online version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday started in 2005. The National Retail Federation introduced the term to motivate people to shop online when Internet retail was still budding. Over time, Cyber Monday has equaled and often exceeded Black Friday in sales, driven by an ever-increasing reliance on digital commerce.

Which Event Holds Better Deals?

The answer depends largely on what you’re looking to purchase. Black Friday traditionally sees substantial reductions on big-ticket items like TVs, gadgets, and appliances, while Cyber Monday generally holds better deals on smaller items like clothing and accessories.

However, recent trends have seen an overlap in discounts, with both days presenting fantastic deals on various items. Consequently, smart consumers are keeping their eyes peeled over the entire weekend, grabbing deals as they appear.

Are the Deals Worth It, Or Should You Wait?

To put it succinctly, the deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday can offer substantial savings. However, that does not always mean they’re the best discounts of the year. Retailers often price-drop their products again before Christmas to clear remaining inventory.

A helpful strategy could be researching and comparing prices on desired products before these events. In case you missed the chance on these days, consider checking the stores right before Christmas, although there is no guarantee the product you want will still be available.

Leading Retailers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Certain retailers are known for going above and beyond during these shopping holidays.

1. Amazon: As an online marketplace giant, Amazon shines during Cyber Monday but has grown significantly active on Black Friday. You can expect lucrative deals on their branded devices, along with numerous third-party products.

2. Walmart: A popular destination for Black Friday shoppers, Walmart also embraces Cyber Monday. Both days feature sales on electronics, toys, clothing, and home goods.

3. Best Buy: For technology and gadget enthusiasts, Best Buy offers considerable savings on items such as TVs, laptops, and other electronic devices.

4. Target: Alongside its Black Friday doorbusters, Target has also made a strong move into Cyber Monday, providing discounted prices on everything from clothing to home decor.

5. Macy’s: Renowned for its clothing and home goods, Macy’s delivers stellar deals during both shopping holidays.


Whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday provides better deals largely depends on your shopping preferences and needs. Both shopping events have evolved to include online and offline retailers and now span several days beyond the traditional 24 hours, so it’s easier than ever to capitalize on sales. The key is being proactive, researching your preferred products in advance, and keeping a keen eye on fluctuating prices to grab the best deals.

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