Selecting the Perfect Wines and Spirits for Your Holiday Celebrations: A Guide To Help Make Thanksgiving and Christmas Easier

Selecting the Perfect Wines and Spirits for Your Holiday Celebrations: A Guide To Help Make Thanksgiving and Christmas Easier


The festive season is around the corner and with it comes gatherings of friends and family. As the host, one of the challenges you face is to provide a perfect accompaniment to the celebratory meal, that complements both the cuisine and the atmosphere. In this essay, we will explore which wines are most suitable for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Traditionally, turkey is served for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, making wine selection easier since we can narrow it down to those that pair best with turkey. The inherent light, subtle flavor of turkey can easily be overpowered by a rich and robust wine, hence, it is best to choose something that is subtle and supportive.

Start off the festive dinners with a bubbly like Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava. They set the celebratory mood right and pair well with various appetizers. They also offer a fresh palate cleanse between different dishes, making them versatile throughout the meal.

A mid-bodied Chardonnay, particularly those from cooler climates like Chablis or Sonoma Coast, would serve as a delicious addition to a turkey meal. With their hints of apple, pear and a smooth buttery finish, they’ll perfectly complement the roast turkey and potatoes. Chardonnay also pairs well with creamy vegetable casseroles and green bean dishes.

Riesling is a go-to choise when dealing with holiday fare, especially due to its versatile nature. A semi-dry Riesling offers sweetness to counteract the saltiness in stuffing or gravy. If opting for a spicier stuffing, an off-dry Riesling with tropical notes helps tame the heat. Riesling’s zippy acidity helps it cut through the fat and richness of dishes like mashed potatoes, gravy and ham, if served.

Pinot Noir is an undeniable classic for Thanksgiving. This light-bodied red wine is versatile and can beautifully match a range of flavors at the holiday table. Pinot Noir with its fruity aroma of cherry, raspberry, and sometimes hints of clove and mushroom, will provide an elegant complement to turkey and other sides. Oregon or French Burgundy Pinot Noirs are particularly excellent options.

Zinfandel, a red variety mostly grown in California, can provide some of that bolder flavor desired by some guests. The rich fruit flavors, hint of spice, and medium tannin levels, pair excellently with the gamut of dishes including cranberry sauce, turkey, and heavily seasoned side dishes.

For Christmas, it can be worthwhile to splurge a bit and serve an aged wine, a Rioja Reserva for instance, that presents a unique and sumptuous pairing with festive roast dishes. Full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons can stand up to richer meals such as roast beef, leg of lamb or even goose, delivering a wonderful bouquet of flavor and aroma. If you have a fondness for dessert wines, the late-harvest varieties, Sauternes or Tokaji Aszu, will delight the guests at the end of the meal with pies and cakes.


Group Of Friends Enjoying Christmas Drinks

In a festive, family-oriented celebration, not everyone might appreciate a strong wine, so a selection of fruity and light wines is recommended too. Beaujolais Nouveau, with its low tannins and flavors of ripe red fruits, can be served chilled and will add a dash of frivolity to the event.

Do consider also offering a selection of both red and white, to cater to different palates. Some people just prefer one over the other and having both on hand ensures everyone’s wine preference is considered. In the end, what’s important is that you choose wines that not only complement your food, but also enhance the festive atmosphere and satisfy your guests.

Regardless of your choice, do make sure to provide non-alcoholic alternatives for those who don’t drink. Stocking up on juices, sodas and non-alcoholic wines will make everyone feel included.

Finally, do not underestimate the power of presentation. Wine charms, personalized labels, decanters, and elegant wine glasses can also add a special touch to your holiday gatherings. As they say, the first sip is with the eyes.

Remember to consider your menu, your guests’ preferences and ensure a balance of both robust and light wines, from red to white, dry to sweet. Don’t forget to pop open a bottle of bubbly to kick-start the festivities and enjoy the hearty toasts and the laughter-filled conversations that are bound to follow. It’s about creating moments of joy, laughter, and memories that last a lifetime, all made merrier with the right wine.

Now,  it comes to spirits, offer a range that covers vodka, rum, whisky, gin and tequila. This allows guests to make cocktails if they desire. Providing mixers like club soda, tonic water, cola and various fruit juices also gives attendees options to experiment. Offering alcohol-free alternatives such as non-alcoholic wines, beers and ciders can ensure those abstaining or driving can also enjoy the toast.

One common conundrum is how much alcohol to buy. It depends on the number of guests, party duration, and guests’ drinking preferences. A good rule of thumb is to expect guests to consume two drinks in the first hour and one drink each subsequent hour. Wine-wise, one bottle should roughly serve five guests. Hence, plan your alcohol purchase accordingly.

Chilling beverages is crucial to bring out their taste. White wines should be served chilled, while red wines should be at room temperature. However, avoid extreme temperatures, which can alter a drink’s flavor. The refrigerator is perfectly suitable for cooling most beverages, but in case of large parties, consider investing in a cooler or two.

Now, once the bottles are selected, bought and chilled, make sure you have all the appropriate glassware. Flutes for champagne, white wine glasses for whites, red wine glasses for reds, tumblers for whiskey, and so on. Presentation matters!

Drink responsibly and encourage your guests to do the same. After all, holiday parties are all about spreading joy, laughter, and making lasting memories. Offering food along with the drinks, providing water to keep guests hydrated and making arrangements for designated drivers or taxi services can ensure that your party is fun as well as safe.

To wrap it up, when it comes to selecting wine and alcohol for your holiday party, ensure you offer variety, pair well with your menu, stick to your budget, serve drinks at the right temperature, and cater to all your guests’ needs. This planning, while demanding a bit of thought, can transform your party into an affair to remember. Cheers to the festivities!

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