Global Culinary: Explore the World's Cuisine Through Online Cooking Classes

Global Culinary: Explore the World's Cuisine Through Online Cooking Classes


In the 21st century, there is no limit to learning. No borders or boundaries confine our ability to acquire knowledge. One area this is strongly observed is in the sphere of culinary education, which traditionally demanded hands-on practicality and thus restricted students’ capacity to gain international perspectives or partake if unable to travel. But today, we live in a digitized world where culinary education is readily accessible via online platforms. Even those living in New York can have access to an Italian chef from Italy! So, the answer is yes – you can learn cooking online if you cannot travel, it does not have to be in person, and it can indeed be from a culinary expert anywhere in the world.

Internet cooking classes come with a plethora of advantages. A leading benefit is that they give everyone a fair chance to learn regardless of their physical locations. Thanks to technology, people living thousands of miles apart can learn from each other without even leaving their homes. Online classes are ideal for individuals who have to maintain jobs, households, or families while advancing their culinary skills. Since online cooking classes don’t require travel, students have more flexibility with their schedules and can learn at their own pace.

So how do we identify suitable online cooking classes? Various websites and online platforms offer these courses, each providing its distinct advantage. Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and MasterClass, for instance, host culinary classes taught by renowned chefs and culinary experts. YouTube also features a broad array of instructional cooking videos, although these may not provide structured curriculums like formal courses do. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also host live cooking lessons.

Prospective learners must also remember to ensure the credibility of online classes. Trustworthy classes usually provide bios and credentials of the instructor to assure the quality of education they deliver. Detailed course descriptions also enable students to know what they will be learning and to what depth. Reviews from previous students can help identify the course’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, certification provided after completion of the course could be a useful point of reference, as some might add value to a culinary resume.

But could someone in New York truly learn from an Italian chef based in Italy? The answer, thanks to technological advancements and internet penetration, is a resounding yes. Notably, Nonna Live, a platform which offers authentic Italian cooking classes taught by Italian grandmas – Nonnas – is setting the stage for virtual culinary tours. Meanwhile, The Chef & The Dish connects users directly with chefs around the world for one-on-one classes. Platforms like these give learners a genuine experience of international culinary cultures, contributing to a holistic education that stretches far beyond the four walls of a traditional kitchen classroom.

Importantly, the efficiency of learning from an online cooking class, like all online learning, requires self-discipline and a good measure of practice. Even with the most seasoned Italian chef, students must put theory into practice in their kitchens to bring the course’s teachings to life. Therefore, online learning involves substantial responsibility for independent learning and practicing skills.

In summary, technological advancements have rendered physical boundaries insignificant in culinary learning. Anyone anywhere can participate in cooking classes without travel. Although this type of learning involves a different dynamic than in-person sessions, it also offers unique advantages that suit different individuals’ preferences and circumstances. The extensive range of classes available, including from acclaimed chefs, provides numerous opportunities to gain vast culinary knowledge, learn new skills, and enrich personal cooking practices.

Here are just some top chefs that offer online cooking classes.

Young woman learning online cooking class via tablet computer in kitchen at home

1. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking – This MasterClass course is led by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and features video lessons on kitchen setup, recipe preparation, and plating techniques.

2. Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques – Offered on MasterClass, this course is led by award-winning chef Thomas Keller and includes lessons on sous vide cooking, baking, and working with chocolate.

3. Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking – This course on MasterClass is taught by chef Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse. The lessons focus on preparing organic, sustainable meals.

4. Dominique Ansel Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals – World-renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel offers this course on MasterClass, teaching the art of classic French pastries.

5. Annie Pâtissier Online Course – Renowned French chef, Annie Féolde, offers online courses focused on pastry making and the art of patisserie.

6. The Art of Sourdough Bread with Apollonia Poilâne – In this Udemy course, chef Apollonia Poilâne, owner of the famous Poilâne bakery in Paris, teaches her method for making the perfect sourdough loaf.

7. Fundamentals of Japanese Cuisine with Chef Hiroko Shimbo – Available on Rouxbe Online Culinary School, this course explores the essential techniques and ingredients of Japanese cooking.

8. Plant-Based Made Easy with Chef Chad Sarno – On the Wicked Healthy Online Course platform, chef Chad Sarno teaches vegan and plant-based cooking techniques.

9. Modern Italian Cooking with Massimo Bottura – The MasterClass by Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura teaches contemporary takes on classic Italian dishes.

10. Spanish Cuisine with Chef Ferran Adria – This course, available on Edx, is led by Ferran Adria, former chef of the legendary elBulli restaurant, who teaches Spanish cooking techniques and modernist culinary methods.

11. Cooking Techniques with Wolfgang Puck – Wolfgang Puck shares his essential cooking techniques and favorite recipes on his MasterClass course.

12. Texas Style BBQ with Aaron Franklin – Aaron Franklin, famed pitmaster and owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, offers a MasterClass in the art of barbecue.

Please note that these courses may not always be open for enrollment and may require payment.

Today, someone living in New York could indeed experience Italian culinary culture directly from a chef in Italy. Such is the fantastic power of online learning. The variety, flexibility, and access to international culinary knowledge online cooking classes provide make it an excellent option for aspiring chefs and food lovers everywhere. Online culinary education proves that learning has no boundaries and shows that anyone passionate about food and cooking has countless opportunities to enrich their skills and knowledge. It indeed feels like the world – and the kitchen – is at our fingertips.


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