Effortless Thanksgiving: A Stress-Free Hosting Schedule

Effortless Thanksgiving: A Stress-Free Hosting Schedule


One Week Before Thanksgiving:

1. Begin by making a detailed shopping list for everything you need for Thanksgiving. This should include the turkey, other meats, side dishes, desserts, drinks, signature cocktail and other essentials. Take inventory of your spices and baking goods.

2. Make your table plan

3. On Saturday or Sunday, go shopping for non-perishable items, frozen goods, drinks, and any speciality ingredients that might sell out closer to the holiday.

3-4 Days Before Thanksgiving:

1. If you are buying a frozen turkey, this is the time to begin defrosting it in your refrigerator.

2. You can also start making dishes that can be frozen and reheated on Thanksgiving day like pies, breads, or rolls.

3. Purchase the remaining fresh items, including perishables such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and other goods that spoil easily.

4. Do your liquor store run. Get ingredients for your signature cocktail, wine etc.

Two Days Before Thanksgiving:

1. Start prepping your ingredients. Chop veggies, measure spices, and make sure everything is ready to go for the big day.

2. If possible, make some dishes that will hold well in the refrigerator for a couple of days, like cranberry sauce or a casserole.

3. Get all your glassware and dishes and silverware ready.

4. Get out your serving platters and warming trays.

5. Fold napkins


One Day Before Thanksgiving:

1. If you’re making stuffing from scratch, bake the bread cubes today.

2. Make sure your turkey is ready to go for the next day. If it’s still a little frozen, put it in a bath of cold water to thaw.

3. Set your table for the next day’s set up. This makes it so much easier!

4. Bake your pies.

Thanksgiving Day:

1. Begin your day by preheating your oven and getting your turkey ready to cook. The turkey should be the first thing you put in your oven.

2. While your turkey is in the oven, start on your side dishes.

3. If you choose not to do it the day before, a couple of hours before your meal, set your Thanksgiving table.

4. Lastly, when everything else is cooked and keeping warm, make your gravy.

5. Once your turkey is done and has had time to rest, carve it and serve your meal.

Remember to clean as you go throughout the day and ask for help if you need it! Everyone will be excited to contribute to such a lovely day.

Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!